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  • Always wear your coast guard approved personal flotation device (life jackets) while in or near water.


  • Do not stand up in kayaks/canoes. SUP available.

  • No jumping on or off inner tubes. Watch for ripples in the water, there may be a branch in the water


  • Have fun, but keep horseplay to a safe minimum.


  • Absolutely NO LITTERING. Keep trash with you, we can collect it at end of trip.


  • While the river is for the public, the banks may be privately owned. 


  • Bring plenty of water and food for your adventure. Have plenty of sunscreen.


  • Obey all warning signs along rivers.(DO NOT PASS WARNING SIGN AT 1st St SPILL WAY)


  • Only Enter and Exit at access points provided by North Fork Outfitting. (NFO has obtained prior permission to use specific access points).

  • One person must have a cell phone, a waterproof case or a zip lock bag is recommended to protect the cell phone from the water


revised 3/27/17


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