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Meet the Family

With the love of the outdoors, we have taken this opportunity to show others the beauty that is right in our own back yard. Eagles, Deer, and even Owls have been spotted on the Elkhorn River. Just remember that Nature brings us beauty, so please always throw trash away in proper containers.

Tony StuthmanPresident

After a trip down the Elkhorn river with Nebraska Life magazine, Tony has been driven to create a business that combines his love of the outdoors and his dedication to the community of Norfolk. As President of North Fork Outfitting LLC, Tony hopes to be a positive influence in the growth of the Norfolk community by creating a unique experience which will introduce people to the splendor that is Nebraska, and to Downtown Norfolk on the River Point.

Lita Stuthman Co-Owner

Wife of Tony Stuthman, mother of three and step-mother to one. As an outdoor person, Lita wants to help keep the community of Norfolk strong. She dreams of people coming from other places to participate in Our Community Fun.  Summer is so full of fun things to do outdoors. So maybe our Family can help add to the Fun in Our Community throughout many of years to come.

Raven Bridges Staff

Mother of Phoenix and daughter of Lita Stuthman, moved to the Norfolk area in 2001. Moving to a new state, no one knew what there was to do for fun during the Summer. In 2011, Raven, Tony and three others had set out for a six-hour kayaking trip down Elkhorn River. This stirred the pot of creating the idea of renting kayaks so others can experience the joy and fun that nature has to offer for being outdoor - on the river.

Kat Stuthman Staff

Daughter of Tony Stuthman. Kat spends her time between Harry Potter conventions (among other cons) in Norfolk, NE. She has an associates degree in Theater and spent a year in Digital Cinema program. After two years of barely going out on the water, this year she has been getting more brave and has been kayaking and paddle boating and has even tried the stand up paddle boards.

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